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Types of Concrete Diamond Tools

Types of Concrete Diamond Tools
Dec 30 , 2021

When it comes to choosing concrete diamond tools, there are different types of concrete diamond tools to consider. One of them is the diamond grinding segment. Diamond grinding segment is essential in diamond tools which is used for grinding, polishing and coating removal. These types of diamond tools are available in different shapes and designs. At TransGrind, there are a variety types of concrete diamond tools that we can supply. In terms of the diamond segment shape and the number of segments , we have a variety of shapes to choose from, including:

Lavina concrete grinding diamond tool trapezoid metal diamond grinding head

Round Diamond Segment

We have concrete diamond tools with round-shaped segments, such as the polar magnetic quick change grinding head. Round diamond segments have less aggressive and create more light scratch patterns. Round segments also  have an easier transition into resin polishing pads.

Rectangle Diamond Segment

We have concrete diamond tools with rectangle-shaped segments, such as the EZ change metal bond grinding shoe. Rectangle diamond segments are more aggressive and create good scratch patterns. Just like its round-shaped counterpart above, this diamond grinding shoe is designed to create an aggressive profile on the surface in preparation for coating.

Double Diamond Segment

We have concrete diamond tools with double segments, such as the Lavina concrete grinding diamond tool. Double diamond segments diamond segments are easily remove adhesives, coatings and lippage. Both our round and rectangle segment diamond abrasives are also available with double segments.

Triple Diamond Segment

If you are looking for a concrete diamond tools with triple segments, we've got you covered. The trapezoid metal diamond grinding head features three diamond segments that has very long service life and make the removal of old coatings and adhesives from concrete floor a breeze.

In addition to above diamond segment shape, we also have concrete diamond tools that are available in elliptical diamond segments, arrow diamond segment, triangle diamond segments and so on. We aim to produce a variety of concrete diamond tools for customers to choose and meet their different needs for products. Different sizes, grits, colors of our concrete diamond tools can be customized upon request. If you have any needs in concrete diamond tools, you can contact us for more details.

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