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Composite Super-hard Abrasives Have A Bright Future
May 11 , 2023

The composite super-hard abrasives industry belongs to the subdivision of the super-hard abrasives industry, and the super-hard abrasives industry has a single crystal super-hard abrasives industry in addition to the composite super-hard abrasives industry. Materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride are collectively called super-hard materials due to their extremely high hardness, while composite super-hard materials mainly refer to polycrystalline composites made of single crystal super-hard materials such as diamond and cubic boron nitride micropowder as the main raw materials, with metal or non-metal binder added through ultra-high pressure and high temperature sintering process. Composite super-hard materials are widely used in traditional fields such as machinery, metallurgy, geology, petroleum, coal, stone, wood, construction, automobile, home appliances, etc., and high-tech fields such as electronic information, aerospace and aviation, national defense and military industry. The materials in the middle and downstream position of the industrial chain of super-hard materials and their products are polycrystalline diamond and polycrystalline diamond composite flakes, which have three main uses: first, as cutting tool materials; second, as cutting teeth for petroleum and geological drill bits; third, for the preparation of high-grade wire drawing dies for wire drawing.


The development prospect of composite super-hard material industry is optimistic. Composite super-hard materials belong to the extremely significant characteristics of the new materials required for industrial production and processing, which have unique features and great hardness, difficult to be replaced by other materials, and the production process and process of composite super-hard materials have been more mature. Under the influence of government investment, the oil industry, construction industry, metal cutting machine tools and automobile industry have long-term significant growth, the rapid and stable growth of the end-user market of composite super-hard materials will definitely bring greater development opportunities and broad market space for the composite super-hard materials industry. In addition, composite super-hard abrasives have the advantages of higher hardness, better wear resistance, higher thermal conductivity and better processing performance compared with traditional materials such as cemented carbide, which makes them excel in service life, processing quality and processing efficiency, greatly exceeding the traditional cemented carbide materials, so it is a very obvious advantage to replace traditional super-hard abrasives.

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