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Diamond Tooling For Concrete Polishing
Mar 17 , 2021

Polishing diamond tooling is from 50 grit up to 3,000 grit. The most popular choice for concrete polishing are resin pads/pucks, which are made of poly-phenolic and ester-phenolic. Another thing to consider when choosing tools is there are bonds/tools designed for wet use only, dry use only or wet/dry use. Improper use can cause problems like glazing, sticky residue on the floor, and so on.

Following all the grits may seem like a lot of steps, but well-trained contractors know that this is crucial for proper floor refinement and achieving a good wear-resistant floor finish. It is tempting to buy the cheapest diamonds but concrete grinding and polishing is a very labor-intensive business and lost productivity and time spent redoing a floor is much more costly.

The point is that not all diamond tools are created equal, and diamond tools should be always chosen relative to a specific project. Knowing what kind of concrete you are dealing with is important for finding the right combination of bonds and grits which will increase your productivity, return on investment and produce the best floor finish.

TransGrind has a large selection of resin polishing pads/pucks for concrete floor honing, concrete polishing and floor restoring. Our resin polishing tools are designed for wet polishing or dry polishing, some concrete polishing pads can be used both wet and dry ways. We offers premium diamond polishing tools to help create super shine and longevity for your concrete.

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