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Polished Concrete Maintenance Pads
Mar 15 , 2021

There is a common misconception that polished concrete means no maintenance, when in reality keeping up a polished floor simply requires low maintenance. Steps must be taken to ensure a completed floor maintains its finished look. Obviously your polished floor was an investment, so protecting it is of upmost importance. That said, polished concrete flooring requires regular cleaning, stain remediation and periodic deep cleaning, just like any flooring surface.

With proper maintenance, people can keep their polished floors looking good at a comparatively lower cost than alternative flooring options. Traditional daily maintenance includes mopping and auto scrubbing, using only water or non-reactive cleaning agents when necessary, and cleaning spills and stains promptly. However, in order to maintain their shine and light reflectivity, polished floors require more than that. They require a maintenance program which includes periodic mechanical maintenance with diamond impregnated pads and periodic treatments with chemical cleaners. Furthermore, the maintenance program or schedule has to be designed for a specific floor (not for concrete floors in general), and it will be different from one facility to another, depending on the type of facility, foot traffic, etc. Without proper maintenance schedule in place, the floor shine quickly deteriorates and facility managers end up with a “failed” polished concrete floor.

Diamond impregnated pads are usually the tool of choice for mechanical maintenance of polished concrete floors. With the proper equipment, chemicals, pads, etc.you can ensure not only a long-term floor, but a lifetime floor.

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