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Diamond Tooling For Wet Polishing
Nov 16 , 2021

Wet polishing is the oldest known method of concrete surface prep, dating back to the early 1900s. Although nowadays dry polishing has became people first choice since it being quicker and having less impact on the environment. However, there are still many who would argue wet polishing is still the most effective and beneficial method.

Advantages of wet polishing

Wet polishing can bring many benefits to your surface preparation process. For contractors alike, concerns over safety compliance, efficiency and equipment wear can all be resolved by choosing the wet polishing approach over dry polishing. Specifically, wet polishing can benefit surface preparation in the following ways.

Wet polishing is 100% dust-free. Hazardous dust like crystalline silica is much less of a threat to workers’ health when using the wet polishing approach. Note, however, that choosing the wet polishing method doesn’ t necessarily mean the worker is exempt from taking safety measures. Especially when grinding and polishing, it’ s still recommended that you use the proper protective eyewear and masks to prevent harmful exposure.

The water used in mechanical wet polishing cools the diamond tooling, acting as a lubricant to reduce friction. The water also helps clean the abrasives. It is not uncommon for dry polishing to cause overheating in the process and subsequently melting the resin and resulting in a glaze. Wet polishing occurs at a lower temperature, preventing melted resin and increasing the life of your diamond tooling.

Wet diamond polishing tools

TransGrind carries a range of  diamond tooling with various grits to meet the needs of your project. For example, the wet diamond polishing pads, are ideal for wet polishing. With a long lifespan and serious flexibility, the wet diamond polishing pads pair well with a heavy grinder or a handheld grinder. And thanks to their unique design, water and debris easily passes through the pad channels. TransGrind’ s hot sale diamond tooling includes: 3 Inch diamond floor polishing pads, hybrid transitional polishing pads, super MC transitional polishing pads.

super MC transitional polishing pads

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