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What' s The Most Durable Commercial Flooring?
Dec 15 , 2021

The systems which are the most durable flooring options also tend to be the best for high-traffic and high-performance spaces. Depending on how much impact your surfaces receive, epoxy coatings and polished concrete tend to be the best choices for these spaces. Both surfaces can withstand more significant and consistent impact without damage when compared to vinyl, hardwood, carpet, and other types of commercial flooring.

Polished Concrete

This durable and classic building material is now becoming more popular because it offers a clean and contemporary look with an affordable price tag. Business owners also appreciate that polished concrete drastically cuts down maintenance costs when compared to other, more traditional flooring materials. Light reflectivity can reduce utility costs, which can represent a significant expense in some industries. When compared to many other types of commercial flooring systems, polished concrete is environmentally-friendly, since there are fewer waste materials produced during installation. This popular flooring option can also help improve air quality since the surface does not retain mold, mildew, dust, and other common indoor allergens.

Epoxy Flooring

Some of the biggest growth in the concrete flooring market is in epoxy flooring. Epoxy is becoming more common in commercial settings, including automotive facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage plants, airports, schools and colleges, and parking facilities. Epoxy coatings can be tailored to the demands of space and are highly resistant to wear and tear and other common abrasions. In addition to having insulating properties, epoxy flooring can perform under a wide range of temperatures. Different types of coatings can provide chemical and heat resistance and high UV stability, making epoxy a popular choice for high-performance environments.

A polished concrete floor is adequate in many industrial settings and may last longer than an epoxy floor, but epoxy coatings offer more specialized protection for your flooring to address a broader array of specialized needs. Every commercial space is slightly different, so carefully considers the needs of each facility before choosing a custom flooring solution. TransGrind is a trusted tooling provider for any type of diamond tooling for polished concrete and epoxy flooring. All our products are factory direct sales diamond tooling. We can provide you with professional advice on how to choose diamond tools for your flooring and how to make your flooring smooth, bright and beauty.

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