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Functional Diamond Material Innovation Center of Henan Province is officially recognized
Jan 06 , 2021

On January 16, The Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, The Development and Reform Commission, The Department of Science and Technology, and The Department of Finance jointly issued a notice which is identify Henan Provincial New Industrial Imaging Technology Innovation Center and Henan Provincial High-Performance Aluminum-based New Material Innovation Center , Henan Province Functional Diamond Material Innovation Center, Henan Province High-Performance Medical Device Innovation Center as Henan Manufacturing Innovation Center. This is the newly recognized batch of provincial innovation centers after the Henan Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Innovation Center which is the first provincial manufacturing innovation center, marking the addition of a number of new forces to the manufacturing innovation platform of Henan.

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The Manufacturing Innovation Center is a new type of innovation platform. It is an innovation carrier established by enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities and other innovation entities voluntarily and independently, with enterprises as the main body and established in the form of independent legal persons. The industry innovation center is an important part of the national manufacturing innovation system and an important form of the provincial innovation platform. It is mainly for the major needs of the provinces manufacturing innovation and development, and carry out research and development supply, transfer and diffusion as well as first commercialization of frontier technologies and key common technologies in key areas, which make up for missing links in the industrial innovation chain, solve the problem of insufficient supply of key common technologies in the manufacturing industry, and create a manufacturing innovation ecosystem that runs through the innovation chain and industrial chain, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as promote manufacturing industry to leap to the mid-to-high end of the value chain.

The work of Henan Manufacturing Innovation Center started in 2017. The first batch of 11 provincial manufacturing innovation center cultivation units was established, and the second batch (2018) established another 8 cultivation units. At the end of 2017, Henan Intelligent Agricultural Machinery Innovation Center was recognized as the first provincial innovation center. Through enterprise declaration, city recommendation, and expert assessment and acceptance, four departments including Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology formally recognized Henan Provincial Industrial New Imaging Technology Innovation Center as provincial-level innovation centers. Up to now, Henan Province has built 5 provincial innovation centers and 14 provincial innovation center cultivation units.

Henan Provincial Functional Diamond Material Innovation Center was led by Zhengzhou Abrasives and Grinding Research Institute Co.Ltd. It is mainly engaged in innovative research on key technologies such as diamond functionalization in the field of advanced carbon materials. In accordance with the construction and development plan, face the field of functional diamond, Henan Provincial Functional Diamond Material Innovation Center will further improve the corporate governance structure, integrate industry innovation resources, establish a collaborative innovation mechanism, and carry out key common technology development and supply, transfer and diffusion, and first commercialization. And it also provides various public services for diamond industry such as inspection and testing, personnel training, technical consultation, etc, as well as provide technical support and power supply for the transformation, upgrading and healthy development of diamond industry.

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