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Nano-polycrystalline diamond achieves the highest strength so far
Dec 12 , 2020
A research team composed of Ph.D student Kento Katairi and Associate Professor Masayoshi Ozaki of the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan, and Professor Toruo Iriya of the Research Center for Deep Earth Dynamics of Ehime University, and others, have determined the high-speed deformation of nano-polycrystalline diamond The intensity of time.

The research team sintered crystallites with the largest size of tens of nanometers together to form a "nanopolycrystalline" state of diamond, and then applied ultra-high pressure to it to investigate its strength. The experiment was carried out with the laser XII laser with the largest pulse output power in Japan. Observation found that when the maximum pressure of 16 million atmospheres (more than 4 times the pressure of the center of the earth) is applied, the volume of diamond is reduced to less than half of the original.

The experimental data obtained this time show that the strength of nano-polycrystalline diamond (NPD) is more than twice that of ordinary single crystal diamond. It was also found that NPD is the strongest among all materials investigated so far.
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