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How to Grind the Hard Concrete?
Dec 06 , 2021

As the dust from hard concrete is soft and unabrasive, the metal matrix that the segment is made of needs to be 'soft bond' and easily eroded to expose the diamonds. Often having a coarser grit can be beneficial because it may produce coarser dust to help erode the matrix.

In addition, reducing the contact area with fewer segments makes a difference. This also has the effect of increasing the weight per square inch on the surface so that the diamond grit will occasionally crack a little bit off the peak to create a fresh sharp peak and start grinding again.

Things need to noted when grinding hard concrete

1.Use diamond tooling with a soft bond or less segments to grind. And increase the weight on the diamond tooling.

2. Do not use hard bond diamond tooling on hard concrete since they will almost certainly wear out incredibly fast.

3. Turn down the vacuum so there is plenty of dust under the machine. This will help the diamonds to expose. Careful addition of sand may also help. Don't overdo sand or it could cause premature wear.

4. Inspect your diamond tooling when grinding. If there is hardly any diamond exposed out of the matrix, and/or the diamond tooling is getting hot, stop and change to a softer bond or less segments.

Tips for grinding hard concrete

When the concrete is hard, often wetting it before grinding helps to expose the diamonds a little more. And grinding will be more productive. You can also try spreading a small amount of sand on the floor and lightly wetting it to help further break down the bond of the diamonds.

If you are unsure which diamond tooling to use in your grinding work, TransGrind can advise you on the best option for your needs. We offer different types diamond grinding tools which are suitable for various types of grinder on the market. For example, Scanmaskin diamond grinding shoes, Lavina diamond grinding heads, HTC EZ change diamond grinding heads, etc.

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