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The Importance of Diamond Tools For Concrete Grinding & Polishing
Dec 13 , 2021

For decades, concrete floors were considered functional and durable at best, with no perceived aesthetic value. Today, polished concrete is among the most popular flooring alternatives due to its unique stone-like appearance, eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency in terms of maintenance.

While a grinder is an important piece of the puzzle to producing concrete floors, the real workhorse of any grinding or polishing equipment is the diamond tooling. Even the biggest or best grinder won't work efficiently if the right diamond tooling is not installed. As such, knowing how to effectively grind and polish concrete, or any other surface for that matter, starts with having an understanding of the different types of diamond tools and the role each one of them plays in the grinding and polishing process.

TransGrind Diamond Tooling

TransGrind Diamond Tools offer a full line of high quality diamond tools for preparing, resurfacing and polishing a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, terrazzo, marble and stone. We dedicate our time, energy and resources in research and development of low cost and high-end floor preparation diamond tools that simplify the operation process. As a competent diamond tool manufacturer, we can manufacture special diamond tools for you in a wide variety of geometries, grain sizes and bonding, in a variety of diameters, lengths, and quantities. TransGrind has been producing innovative and customer-oriented solutions. Here, you will find the ideal solutions for your concrete-working, stone-working and other applications according to your specific needs.

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