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Knowledge of Concrete Finishes
Mar 12 , 2021

Ground, Honed, Polished. Ground concrete has a flat appearance with no or very slight reflection (below 50 grit resin). Honed finish has a matte appearance and/or slight clarity of reflection that has a low or medium sheen (100-400 grit resin). Semi-polished finish has some clarity of reflection and medium to high sheen (400- or 800-grit resin). Polished finish has a glass-like finish and reflection (above 800, typically 3000 grit).

Fine aggregate finish usually requires 120 grit metal tools to remove not more than 1/16 inch of concrete surface exposing fine aggregate. Medium aggregate usually finish requires 70 grit metal diamond to remove not more than 1/8 inch of concrete surface exposing medium aggregate. Large aggregate finish requires 30 grit metal or coarser tool such as concrete bush hammers to remove not more than 1/4 inch of concrete surface exposing large aggregate with no, or small amount of fine aggregate at random locations.

Most concrete contractors prefer the dry grinding and polishing process, as it requires less clean up. Keep in mind that dry grinding will always require a vacuum for dust removal. Make sure your dust extractor matches your grinder size and power so it can keep up with the amount of dust generated. It is also recommended to use a dust pre-separator. Wet grinding has its advantages but requires proper slurry management and is not feasible on some project sites.

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