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Characteristics and Uses of Coated Abrasives
Mar 13 , 2021

Coated abrasive tool is a kind of abrasive tool processed by matrix, binder, and abrasive. It has good flexibility and adaptability. It is divided into three types: manual, semi-manual and machine. Hand-made products mainly include sheet-type dry sanding cloth, dry sanding paper, and water sandpaper that we see every day. Semi-manual products are mostly special-shaped products, including page wheels, chuck page wheels, handle page wheels, all kinds of diamond grinding discs and all kinds of flower discs. Machine products are mainly all kinds of abrasive belts, which can grind flat, vertical, curved and even various shapes of work objects. As its grinding working surface can reach 2500mm or even larger, this is incomparable to any kind of abrasive tool. Therefore, it has the highest efficiency in grinding.

The application of coated abrasives is extremely wide. It can process metal, wood, leather, glass, building materials, plastics and ceramics. It can be used for dry or wet grinding. In recent years, its scope of application has penetrated into many aspects of people’s lives, and it has become the most widely used type of abrasive tool.

It is a new force with strong potential in the abrasive tool industry.The annual sales in developed industrial countries have ranked first among the three types of abrasive tools which are coated abrasive tools, fixed abrasive tools and superhard abrasive tools.

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