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Metal Bond Diamond Tools
May 24 , 2021

Metal Bond Diamond Tools

Metal bond diamond tools use a metal bond to hold the diamonds to the tooling. The metal is typically a mix of powdered metals that may include iron, cobalt, nickel, bronze, copper, tin, silver, or tungsten. A metal bond is formed by sintering (heating and compressing) a mixture of diamonds and metal powder.

Metal bond diamond tools have different properties depending on the mixture of metals sintered. For example, harder metals are better for softer concrete because softer concrete tends to be more abrasive on the tool surface. Conversely, softer metals are better for harder concrete so that the metal bond wears away quickly to continually expose a fresh layer of diamonds.

Because metal is a thermal conductor, metal bond tools are designed to conduct heat from the surface toward the core where it can be dissipated. This reduces glazing by keeping the temperature below the melting point of the metal bond.

Diamond tooling is used to produce polished concrete floors. By using tooling with progressively finer grit, the concrete is eventually brought to a polished state. Metal bond diamond tools have material properties to make diamond tooling an effective and efficient tool for polishing concrete.

TransGrindtools manufactures a full range of metal bond diamond tools for floor surface prep, concrete grinding, coating removal, concrete floor levelling. Our diamond grinding tools are widely used for a variety of interior residential concrete floor, warehouse commercial concrete floors, exterior concrete floors and sports ground. There are various segment designs and grits available for different grinding applications. When you are ready to transform your floor to a high gloss surface, transgrind diamond tools can help to make your work more efficient, easier and simpler.

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