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Resin Bond Diamond Tools
May 29 , 2021

Resin Bond Diamond Tools

Resin bond diamond tools use a resin bond to hold the diamonds to the tooling. The  resin of resin diamond tools is a plastic called phenol-formaldehyde resin or phenolic resin. This plastic resin is familiar to many people as the hard plastic used to make billiard balls and quartz countertops.

Tools with resin diamond abrasives are made by combining powdered phenolic resin with industrial diamonds. Phenolic resins polymerize under heat and pressure, so the mixture of diamonds and resin powder is compressed and heated. The resulting tool has good thermal properties since plastic is a thermal insulator, but diamonds are the most effective naturally occurring thermal conductor. Moreover, tools with resin bonds are considered self-sharpening because the resin wears away and exposes new diamonds on its surface as it is used.

Diamond tooling is used to produce polished concrete floors. By using tooling with progressively finer grit, the concrete is eventually brought to a polished state. Resin bond diamond tools have material properties to make diamond tooling an effective and efficient tool for polishing concrete.

TransGrindtools has provide a large selection of resin floor polishing pads for concrete floor honing, concrete polishing and floor restoring. Our resin polishing pucks are designed for wet polishing or dry polishing, some of them can be used both wet and dry ways. There are various segment designs and grits available for different polishing applications. When you are ready to transform your floor to a high gloss surface, transgrind diamond tools offers premium quality tools to help create super shine and longevity for your concrete floor.

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