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Methods to Enhance The Abrasion Resistance of Epoxy Floor
Aug 18 , 2021

Epoxy floor is beautiful and seamless, so it is favored by many contractors. However, one disadvantage of epoxy floor is that it will be damaged after being used for a period of time. It is not wear-resistant. This is also a headache for many contractors. What should be done to make the epoxy floor more wear-resistant? The following will introduce three methods to enhance the abrasion resistance of epoxy floor.

Method 1: Increase the thickness

Many contractors in order to save costs or make higher profits, they generally choose epoxy thin coating floor with one primer and two topcoats. The thickness of the epoxy floor is usually only 0.3-0.5mm. The wear resistance of this kind of epoxy floor is relatively poor. We can increase the thickness of epoxy floor by scraping the middle coat mortar layer and middle coat putty layer. This will not only increase the abrasion resistance of the epoxy floor, but also Increase the compressive performance of epoxy floor.

Method 2: Coating the surface with varnish

After the epoxy floor is constructed, the method of rolling the polyurethane varnish on the surface can not only form a smooth and bright coating film, improve the gloss of the epoxy floor, make the paint film more bright and beautiful, but also improve the epoxy floor abrasion resistance of epoxy floor.

Method 3: Waxing

The surface of epoxy floor is waxed regularly, which can protect the epoxy floor. Because the wax surface is relatively hard, it can effectively prevent the fine sand brought into the room from rubbing against the floor and insulate the floor pollution from shoe prints and tire prints, prevent hard objects from scratching the floor.

When dealing with the problems of epoxy floor causes, the process of grinding or polishing the surface play an important part. There are some commonly used grinder can help to complete the work. For example, Husqvarna PG machines, SASE grinding machine, Klindex expander machine, etc. TransGrind provides a wide of metal bond grinding tools, hybrid transitional tools and resin bond polishing pads which suitable for these types of grinder. If you are interested in our products, we are happy to offer you help.

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