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Reasons For The Resistance of Diamond Polishing Pad
Aug 16 , 2021

In the process of polishing with diamond polishing pads, we may feel that the polishing pads become resistant, especially in the coarse grits polishing pads such as 1500# and 3000#, the resistance phenomenon is more obvious. So what is the reason for the resistance of the diamond polishing pad?

1. The roughness of polishing pads  

50-800 mesh segment has a strong cutting ability, while the 1500# segment has a greatly reduced cutting ability and a greatly improved filling effect. But from 800# to 1500#, the degree of delicacy jumped directly from 13 microns to 6.5 microns. This is actually grinding a very rough surface directly to a very smooth level. Of course the resistance is great. Moreover, the doubling of the roughness will form a kind of peaks and troughs on the microscopic level. There will be a gap between the floor polished by 800# grit polishing pad and the abrasive of 1500# grit polishing pad, forming a kind of sucker effect. Thus forming a strong resistance.

2. Relation of resin demoulding parameters

Resin demolding parameters are mainly the relationship between temperature, rotation speed and pressure. To deal with such resistance, 1500# grit of diamond polishing pads are needed to efficiently complete the role of resin demoulding and filling. Resin demoulding requires a certain temperature, and the low temperature efficiency is very low. And the presence of a large amount of water will reduce the grinding temperature, so less water are required during the polishing stage of 1500# and 3000# diamond polishing pads. The high speed is beneficial to increase the grinding temperature. The weight of the grinding machine is small, which helps reduce resistance and improve efficiency.

In order to ensure the polishing work go smoothly, we should figure out different grits of floor diamond grinding tools corresponding to the floor with different hardness. And choosing the suitable tooling according to your need. Only in this way can reduce resistance and improve polishing efficiency. TransGrind diamond tools are happy to offer support at any level of your work.

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