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Precautions During Grinding And Polishing Process
Sep 26 , 2021

After the dark marble or granite floor is ground, refurbished and polished, the original color cannot be completely restored, or there are coarse grinding scratches on the floor, or after repeated polishing, the floor cannot restore the original clarity and brightness. If you encounter these situations, it is mainly because there is a problem with the grinding, and the problem caused by the grinding not in accordance with the specification. Some people think that these problems can be solved during polishing process. Polishing a few more times can cover up these problems. If this is the case, then these problems will not appear. To prevent these similar situations above, we should pay attention to the following aspects when grinding.

1. Establish the concept of gradual grinding

When grinding stone, it must be ground gradually. After 50# grinding disc is finished, use 100# to grind, then to 200# and so on. This is especially important for the grinding of dark stone. If the particle number is skipped for grinding, for example, 50# grinding is completed and then 200# grinding disc is changed, then the above problem will definitely occur. If you are working with light colored stone, or the hardness of the stone is low, the scratches are easier to eliminate, and the scratches with lighter color are not easy to see. There will be scratches if you use a magnifying glass to observe,

2. Coarse grinding should be thoroughly ground

Coarse grinding is to grind well and thoroughly when grinding 30# or 50# grinding discs. Some people generally grind more along the seam when they are cutting and smoothing, and the plates are smoothed, but there may be bright parts on the surface of the stone slab, which is not polished. Each grinding disc has the ability to eliminate scratches by itself. If the 50# grinding disc is not thoroughly ground, the grain number will be increased, and the difficulty of using 100# grinding disc to eliminate 50# scratches.

3. Grinding should have a quantitative concept

Many workers do not have a quantitative concept when grinding. After the 50# grinding disc is ground, there is no quantitative concept that how many times 100# grinding disc has to be ground to remove the 50# scratches. However, there are differences in the number of operations for different stones and different on-site conditions. We have to conduct observations and on-site experiments to determine the grinding times until the scratches on the floor are eliminated. The concept of quantification allows us to solve problems easily and get twice the result with half the effort.

When we are grinding, we have to grind step by step, not only to eliminate scratches. Because each grinding disc has its own function and effect. The grinding process is the key to the entire maintain project, and polishing is the display of the final effect. TransGrind has a complete set of diamond grinding tools such as STI quick change grinding disc, Diamatic Magnetic grinding disc with different grits which help you attain an excellent finishing after the grinding project.

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