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Reasons That Polished Concrete is a Good Business Solution
Apr 21 , 2021


The durability of concrete is practically unbeatable compared to the other flooring options on the market. It can last a lifetime and requires little maintenance which means you won’t need to spend money to replace it frequently and you won’t be using additional resources for a new floor. Due to the low maintenance needs of polished concrete, your financial resources will be able to be reallocated to other needs of your business.


Concrete is made from the earth’s most readily available material, limestone. This means that concrete is resource efficient, or it uses the least amount of new natural resource to be produced.  In fact, concrete has become even more resource efficient as plastic waste has been added to the creation of concrete to help eliminate the plastic in the environment as well as acting as an added reinforcement in the concrete. Most buildings are constructed with concrete slabs which eliminated the need to lay additional flooring. Not only does this provide the most durable floor, but it also reduces the waste of replacing flooring materials such as carpet, laminates, or tile that require frequent replacement and end up in a landfill. By using the floor that already exists, you are significantly reducing the negative impact of flooring waste on the environment while saving money.


When concrete is removed, it can be crushed up and run through an impactor to remove dirt leaving behind aggregate rock. This allows the crushed pieces to be reused to create new concrete. It’s pretty much entirely recyclable which reduces unnecessary waste and promotes increased sustainability.

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