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The Application of Diamond Material
Apr 24 , 2021

Diamond Cleaning System is a brand-new floor treatment and maintenance technology, which uses micro-diamond technology to perform mechanically. Diamond floor cleaning technology has two systems, called Twister and Hybrid, both of which are part of HTC's eco-friendly cleaning innovation technology.

The Twister System is an innovative cleaning system consisting of a series of diamond impregnated pads. Each cleaning pad is implanted with hundreds of millions of fine diamond particles and cured, so that the floor can be cleaned and polished mechanically instead of using traditional chemical cleaners.

The Hybrid System is consist of a series of hybrid diamond polishing pads. It brings new life to damaged and worn natural stone and terrazzo surfaces. It is easy to use and friendly to the environment. It is an effective tool to eliminate blemishes, scratches. It only needs to use general floor cleaning machinery and water.

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