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Superhard Material Metal Bond
Jan 20 , 2021
  • Classification of metal bond

The main types of metal bond are bronze bond, tungsten-cobalt alloy bond, nickel-cobalt alloy bond and cemented carbide bond. The superhard material metal bond abrasive tools can be divided into two categories: abrasive tools and other tools according to their processing objects and scope of use. The bond of abrasive tools is mainly bronze bonding agent.

  • Features of metal bond abrasive tools

Compared with resin bond abrasive tools, metal bond abrasive tools are characterized by high durability and low grinding efficiency. The metal bond can withstand greater grinding pressure, but it will undergo plastic deformation, it is easy to block during grinding, and it is easy to burn the workpiece. According to the above characteristics, when selecting and using metal bond abrasives tools, the formula, abrasive model, particle size, concentration and coolant must be selected reasonably. Metal diamond grinding tools are widely used for a variety of interior residential concrete floor, warehouse commercial concrete floors, exterior concrete floors and sports ground.

  • Production process of metal bond abrasive tools

The production process includes raw material processing, compounding, press molding, sintering and mechanical processing. The principle of production process is similar to that of powder metallurgy products. It is only on the basis of powder metallurgy, how to improve the ability of the bond to hold abrasive particles (superhard materials), the brittleness and physicochemical properties of the bond as well as the process methods. It focuses on the use performance of metal bond abrasive tools, such as grinding performance, production efficiency and durability.

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