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The Main Material of Abrasive Tools - Abrasive
Jan 21 , 2021

Abrasive is the main material of abrasive tools. When using abrasive tools for grinding, it acts as a cutting edge. Among the elements that constitute the abrasive tool, it is the key element for whether the abrasive tool can be ground.

The physical and chemical properties of abrasives also have a significant impact on the manufacturing process of abrasives. Since ceramic abrasives need to be fired at high temperatures, they have relatively high requirements for some quality indicators of abrasives (such as chemical composition, magnetic content, etc.) The other bond abrasive tools are more stringent.

TransGrind offers a wide range of transitional diamond tools and ceramic bond polishing pads for fast grinding. In order to ensure the product quality of ceramic abrasives and avoid possible waste, the abrasive manufacturer needs to conduct necessary physical and chemical inspections on the abrasives entering the factory and confirm that they meet the relevant national standards before they can be put into production.

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