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The Composition of Diamond Tooling
Oct 25 , 2021

Diamond tooling cuts into concrete and other surfaces using diamond grains that are bonded onto the functional parts of the tool via a bonding material or another method. Because the diamond is considered a super-hard material, diamond tooling has many advantages compared to tools made with common abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide.

High grinding efficiency, low grinding force: Less heat is generated by the hole in the grinding process, which decreases or avoids burns and cracks on the surface, the equipment’s wear and energy consumption.

Long lifespan, long dressing period: This can greatly increase the work efficiency, improve the work environment and decrease labor intensity.

Low comprehensive cost: Diamond tooling is designed to yield the best possible productivity and cost per square foot for the contractor, so that they have the best chance at being profitable on every job.

High wear resistance: Diamond tooling’ s change in dimension is small, performing with good grinding quality and precision.

Diamond tooling are composed of several elements which are diamonds, grits and bond.


The word “diamond” in “diamond tooling” is not a metaphor. Actual diamonds are built into the surface of the tooling as an abrasive. It is the hardest natural substance on Earth. This means that diamonds can cut every other substance, including itself.


The grit of a diamond tool refers to the size of the individual diamonds used in that tool. Lower numbers indicate larger diamonds, while higher numbers indicate smaller diamonds and a finer grit.


In order for a grinder to use diamonds to cut, small chips of diamonds are suspended in a bond made from metal, resin, ceramic, hybrid or polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

Whatever level of finish you are looking for, TransGrind carry a full range of diamond tooling, such as ceramic transitional polishing pads, flexible diamond hand polishing pads, 3 Inch hybrid polishing pads, etc. Our products combine advancements in the latest diamond technologies that help you transform your floors into highly abrasion-resistant, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.

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