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Benefits of Concrete Grinding
Oct 18 , 2021

Saves time and money

Concrete grinding saves time and money over other floor refurbishment processes. It only prepare for a floor grinders and a set of diamond tools, and no excessive chemicals is needed in the grinding process. Not only does this make a home project less time-consuming, but saves cost for your job.

Increases safety

Concrete grinding can turn a rough, damaged surface into a smooth, hard surface. This makes it safe for homeowners and visitors to walk on without risk of injury. On driveways, concrete grinding can make for a quieter, and more skid-resistant surface for cars.

Environmental friendly

Concrete grinding produces less pollution and waste than alternate flooring options. It uses fewer raw materials and no harmful chemicals. And due to its longevity, it is a more sustainable option.

Prepare for the projects

Old concrete can become uneven over the years. If a contractor is installing wood or tile floors over a concrete floor, concrete grinding first will helps to make the floor become smoothly which make the installing work much easier. Also, the new flooring are durable and no need constant repairs as gapping occurs.

Customizable Finishes

Grinding will remove old stains easily by skimming off the top layer of concrete. Concrete Grinding can be customized to leave a specific amount of texture. Different epoxies need different textures to hold and set. Therefore, it is also an excellent way to prepare a floor for an epoxy floor finish. These floors are bright, durable, and easy to clean. They resist water and oil stains, making them last longer than traditional flooring.

Whether you’ re looking to prepare your concrete floors for grinding, polishing or preparing the surface for an alternative flooring option, then TransGrind has got it covered. We offer a wide range of concrete floor grinding pads, concrete resin grinding pucks, concrete polishing pucks for concrete grinding and polishing. Contact us today to see how we can help you grind your concrete floors.

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