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The Concept of Diamond in Tooling
Feb 23 , 2021

Diamond is made of graphite as raw material, some metals or alloys as catalyst, under high temperature (1000~2000℃) and high pressure (557~608Mpa), the graphite structure is transformed into diamond structure. Diamond is the hardest substance known, with high compressive strength, good thermal conductivity, chemical stability, wear resistance, and strong cutting ability.

Diamond can be divided into five grades: JR1, JR2, JR3, JR4, JR5, and its characteristics and uses are as follows:

JR1 type:

The crystals are mostly needle-shaped with rough crystal faces. They are used to make resin bond diamond tools. They are mainly used for the fine grinding process of cemented carbide, ceramics, glass and difficult-to-grind materials. The processing effect is good, and the surface is smooth. High, sometimes used for semi-finish grinding, but not suitable for heavy-duty grinding

JR2 type:

Most of the crystals are of equal-area shape, suitable for manufacturing metal bond and ceramic bond diamond tools. It can bear larger loads and is used for rough grinding and semi-finishing of cemented carbide and non-metallic materials, as well as for cutting optical glass, gems, high-hard rocks, etc.

JR3 type:

The crystal is relatively complete, the crystal surface is smooth, and the compressive strength is high. It is used to make metal bond geological drill bits, trimming tools and cutting tools.

JR4 type:

The crystal is complete, the compressive strength is higher than JR3, used to make geological drill bits, trimming tools and cutting tools.

JR5 type:

The particles are light yellow or light yellow-green, mostly transparent and complete octahedral crystals with no impurities, high strength, suitable for manufacturing cutting saw blades, drill bits and dressing tools, etc, used for processing hard and brittle non-metallic materials.

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