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The Role of Metal Coating on the Surface of Superhard Abrasive
Feb 26 , 2021
  • Improve the bonding strength between abrasive and abrasive bond and the coating acts as a bonding bridge between them.

  • Slow down the thermal shock. The metal coating conducts heat more slowly than the superhard abrasive. The grinding heat is buffered by the coating and then transferred to the resin bond in contact with the abrasive particles, so as to prevent the resin bond from burning out due to the instantaneous high temperature shock, thereby maintain its holding force on the abrasive.

  • Improve the particle strength of abrasives. The coating plays a role of reinforcement and toughening, so that the strength of low, medium and high strength products can be increased by 50% - 100%, 50% - 60% and 30% respectively.

  • Isolation and protection. During high temperature sintering and grinding, the coating will isolate and protect the diamond from graphitization, oxidation or other chemical changes.

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