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The Overview of Industrial Diamonds
Sep 08 , 2021

Industrial diamonds are diamonds that are used in industry to perform a function. They can be natural or synthetic. Natural diamonds are created by geologic processes. Chemically speaking, a diamond is composed of carbon atoms that are arranged in a diamond cubic crystal structure. Carbon can also exist as a solid in the form of graphite and coal. To obtain them, humans will then mine natural diamonds. Most diamonds are formed deep in the Earth’s mantle where chemical reactions dissolve minerals in rocks and carbon from carbon dioxide, carbon trioxide, or methane replaces the dissolved minerals. Under the high temperatures and pressures within the mantle, the carbon atoms deposited in this way form the crystal lattice characteristic of diamonds. The diamonds are transported out of the mantle by magma flows, where they can be mined. The entire process of formation and transport takes a long time.

There are two primary methods of synthetic diamonds:

  • High pressure, high temperature diamonds are formed by delivering dissolved carbon to a seed diamond crystal under high pressure and high temperature. The dissolved carbon precipitates out of the solvent onto the seed crystal, building diamond material around the seed.
  • Chemical vapor deposition diamonds are formed by etching a non-diamond substrate and exposing it to an ionized hydrocarbon vapor at a controlled temperature and pressure. The advantage of chemical vapor deposition is that the temperatures and pressures required are not as high as those required for high pressure, high temperature diamonds. Moreover, the size of the diamond is only limited by the size of the substrate, so you can grow large diamond crystals.

Industrial diamonds are usually used in manufacturing diamond tools for concrete floor grinding and polishing. TransGrind Tools have also been committed to providing customers with premium quality concrete floor diamond tools such as Terrco diamond grinding plugs, Klindex diamond grinding discs, etc. We would be your reliable partner for diamond tools business, please contact us directly if you need any help for your grinding or polishing project.

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