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The Properties Of Hardened Concrete
Aug 31 , 2021

Hardened concrete is concrete that must be sufficiently strong to withstand the structural and service applied loads and it must be durable enough for the environmental risk for which it is designed. It is the strongest and durable construction material. Characteristic strength, drying shrinkage, modulus of elasticity, permeability, and resistance to chemical attack are the rigid and time-dependent properties of concrete that can affect structural performance.

The development of modern buildings in the direction of high-rise and large-span has promoted the research and development of high-strength HPC. In high-rise buildings, the strength of concrete corresponds to the axial force of the column. It can be said that the number of floors in a building is determined by the strength of the concrete used. The HPC with a strength range of 60MPa to 120MPa is the direction of current research and future development, and the widely used strength label is C40 concrete. In this case, the mix ratio design can refer to the method of ordinary concrete, but the main constituent materials and properties should meet the requirements of HPC. HPC may be much more durable than ordinary concrete. This is because durability is considered when designing the mix ratio. In particular, the early sinking and hardening shrinkage is small, the dry shrinkage, and the hydration heat is low, thus improving the anti-cracking ability of the concrete without initial structural defects. The hardened concrete is dense and has low permeability. All these have improved the concrete's ability to resist external factors, and finally get concrete with good durability.

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