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The Properties of Diamond Grinding Wheels
Aug 10 , 2021

Due to the irregular shape of the diamond material, there are many concave angles and rough surfaces, the resin bond has a stronger holding force on the abrasive material than ordinary diamond, so under the same grinding parameters, compared with ordinary diamond grinding wheels, the self-sharpening diamond grinding wheel has a grinding ratio increased by more than 60%. And since the interior of the self-sharpening diamond abrasive is inlaid particles composed of many single sub-crystal grains, only small irregular fragments collapse under the action of stress. As a result, many new small cutting edges are left on the surface of each particle, so the surface roughness value of the processed workpiece is low.

At present, about 60% of abrasive diamonds in the world are used to produce resin bond grinding wheels. However, since the commonly used treatment methods do not greatly improve the inertness of the diamond surface, the resin has poor wettability to the diamond, and it is more difficult to form a chemical bond between the bond and the diamond. The bond's holding force on the diamond is mainly the mechanical embedding force. Therefore, in the resin diamond grinding wheels currently produced, the resin bond's ability to hold diamonds is not very strong. If we want to improve this situation, we should devote ourselves to improving the mechanical embedding force of the resin bond to the abrasive. According to external grinding data reports, after ordinary diamond resin abrasive tools are grinding PI8 (hard alloy number) products, about 70% of the abrasives fall off before they are fully functional. Although the use of diamond surface treatment methods (such as diamond surface coating, surface plating, etc.) can improve the ability of the resin bond to hold the abrasive, but due to its complicated production process, high production costs, and the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel is also poor, which limits its application to a certain extent.

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