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Understanding of Diamond in Diamond Tooling
May 31 , 2021

The word “diamond” in diamond tooling is not a metaphor. Actual diamonds are built into the surface of the tooling as an abrasive. It is considered as a super-hard material and has many advantages compared to many other abrasive. Diamond are used for very specific reasons:

  • Hardness. As most of us learned in science class, diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth. This means that diamonds can cut every other substance, including itself.
  • Thermal transfer. Diamonds are excellent thermal conductors, which means that heat passes through diamonds rather than being retained in the diamond. Glazing of a tool happens when the tool surface melts and re-hardens as a smooth surface. Since diamonds are such good thermal conductors, they are less susceptible to glazing.
  • Chemically inert. Diamonds do not react with most other chemicals, including acidic and alkaline substances. This means that the diamonds exposed on the surface of tooling are not affected by chemicals used for grinding.

Diamond tooling is widely used in the process of preparation, maintenance, restoration in different flooring such as concrete, terrazzo, marble, epoxy and stone. Whether grinding and polishing old or new floors, transgrindtools provide a full range of diamond tooling, such as hybrid transitional tools, PCD coating removal tools for your job. With the professional quality and diamond technologies, we can help you transform your concrete floors into highly abrasion-resistant, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.

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