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Usage and Features of Dry Diamond Grinding Disc
Jan 24 , 2021


It uses a unique resin binder, so it has better flexibility and is very easy to use and install. The strength of the entire grinding force is higher, because the polishing speed is very fast, so the gloss is also high. The wear resistance of the dry diamond disc is very good, and the most important thing is that it has a long service life. There will be no residue or staining on the ground after grinding and polishing.

Diamond Grinding Disc

With the continuous improvement of society, the oxidation and renovation of the ground has become a development trend, but for industrial floors, warehouses and concrete floors such as parking lots, or when the polymer of the hardener is refurbished on the ground, especially on floors with more popular sealing curing agents, the best way to polish and refurbish is to use diamond abrasive pads and choose soft abrasive pads of different sizes. Different treatments are possible, such as fine grinding, rough grinding and polishing. The main method is to use the hand grinder according to daily habits, but other corresponding treatments are needed to achieve the desired effect. Dry diamond grinding disc has high flexibility. It can be processed on any special stone, such as artificial stone, terrazzo, granite and marble. It has different specifications and shapes to choose from.

Steps for usage

   1. The weight of the marble grinder is the key. Only 150KG or more can be really leveled and ground. If the small stone grinder with insufficient weight has obvious fluctuations, it is only suitable for small area or primary grinding, or suitable for crystal surface. Used for processing purposes.

   2. After the marble grinder is ground, the water consumption is not well controlled, and it is easy to produce the moisture of the cement mortar on the bottom of the stone; the rise of calcium hydroxide.

   3. In the polishing step, try to use weak acid or neutral stone polishing powder. The acidic polishing powder is too acid will burn off the surface of the marble, cut residues without polishing, and even erode particles and holes, and cause annoying problems such as yellowing of the stone.

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