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What is Epoxy Flooring?
Jul 21 , 2021

Epoxy flooring is an epoxy floor paint made by mixing epoxy resin as the main material, curing agent, thinner, solvent, dispersant, defoamer and some fillers, combined with specific floor construction technology, a type of floor made of on-site floor decoration construction.

Epoxy flooring subdivided into epoxy flat coating floor, epoxy mortar floor, epoxy resin floor, epoxy self-leveling floor, epoxy anti-static floor, epoxy anti-corrosion floor, epoxy non-slip floor, epoxy colored sand terrazzo floor and so on.

The advantages of epoxy flooring:

1. Dust-proof, non-slip, sand-proof, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and sanitary.

2. High wear resistance, moisture-proof, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.

3. The color is diversified, and the color are more vivid. The visual sense is high, beautiful and generous, the color of the parking lot is harmonious and unified.

4. The epoxy resin floor paint has strong adhesion.

5. The epoxy resin floor paint has good mechanical properties.

6. The curing shrinkage rate of epoxy resin floor paint is small.

7. Epoxy floor paint has excellent electrostatic insulation.

8. Epoxy floor paint has good stability, excellent chemical resistance, and epoxy floor paint that does not contain alkali, salt and other impurities is not easy to deteriorate.

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