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The Option of Self-leveling Floor
Jul 19 , 2021

Self-leveling mainly divided into two categories: cement-based self-leveling and epoxy self-leveling. And the difference in performance between them are as follows:

1. Wear resistance and slip resistance: The abrasion resistance of epoxy self-leveling floor is better than that of cement-based self-leveling, but cement-based self-leveling is better than epoxy self-leveling in terms of slip resistance.

2. Density: The epoxy material has a dense structure and high air tightness, and it is especially easy to bulge due to the high moisture content of the base layer.

3. Service life: In terms of service life, the cement-based self-leveling floor can reach at least 10 years, while the epoxy self-leveling floor is usually about 3 years.

4. Environmental performance: Cement-based self-leveling is a green, safe and healthy material, while epoxy material contains phenolic resin and other chemical components.

Is the cement-based self-leveling finish surface level? Based on this problem, we must make it clear that in the construction of cement-based self-leveling, special attention should be paid to the difference between smooth floor and ultra-flat floor.

The so-called smooth floor refers to the floor after construction. Although the whole is flat, the overall floor is not necessarily level. It is smoothly leveled according to the original height direction.

The ultra-flat floor refers to the floor where the entire floor is on the same horizontal surface. The construction process of the ultra-flat floor is very complicated. It is necessary to determine the level point and then carry out the construction according to the level point.

What we usually encounter are smooth floors, and ultra-flat floors generally have such high requirements only in laboratories with very high requirements or workshops that perform precision processing.

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