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What is Self-leveling Floor?
Jul 12 , 2021

Self-leveling floor is a processed special material that is mixed with water to form a liquid substance with a certain fluidity, which relies on gravity to freely diffuse to form a horizontal surface, and naturally condense and form a floor construction method. Whether you’re installing an entirely new self-leveling floor or resealing an existing surface, TransGrind Tools has a series of concrete floor diamond tools you need to get the job done. And we are happy to offer support at any level of your work.

According to the different raw materials, self-leveling is mainly divided into cement self-leveling and epoxy self-leveling.

  • Cement self-leveling: It has the calm and elegant feeling of cement-based material, which is deeply liked by designers.
  • Epoxy self-leveling: Usually bright colors, high wear resistance and cleanliness, widely used in the decoration of industrial floors such as medicine, automobiles, electronics, food, electric power, and chemicals.

The characteristics of self-leveling:

  1. The construction is simple and fast, just add water and stir directly, both manual operation and mechanical construction are possible, and it has good adhesion.
  2. It has good fluidity, does not need vibrating, rubbing pressure, and the construction speed is fast. It can be walked on after 4~5h, and surface construction can be carried out after 24h. Mechanical pumping, large daily construction area, fast hardening speed, saving time and effort.
  3. High hardening strength, high compressive strength and wear resistance.
  4. Very low shrinkage, not easy to crack and produce delamination and hollowing.
  5. Easy to clean. After the material is constructed and formed, combined with the good chemical resistance of other products, with proper surface treatment, it has the performance of waterproof and anti-oil penetration. After simple cleaning, it can be as bright as new, saving the trouble of regular maintenance.
  6. Artistic and colorful, suitable colors and molding effects can be selected according to the needs of users.

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