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The Classifications of Self-leveling
Jul 14 , 2021

Cement-based self-leveling

Cement-based self-leveling is a dry-mix mortar composed of special cement, superplasticized components, natural high-strength aggregates and organic modified components. When mixed with water during use, a fluid slurry with excellent fluidity is formed, which can be quickly unfolded and automatically leveled under manual assisted paving.

It should be noted that the cement-based self-leveling only has a certain degree of fluidity and flow direction within a certain period of time (with about 3~5min construction time). After a certain period of time, it will stop flowing and begin to solidify.

Cement-based self-leveling can be divided into: cushion self-leveling and surface self-leveling.

  • Self-leveling cushion: Mainly used for cushion leveling materials including epoxy resin, PU, etc. and basic leveling materials such as PVC, ceramic tiles, carpets, wood boards, etc. The thickness of the cement-based self-leveling cushion is about 3~5mm, which is only used for leveling, and the hardness is relatively small.
  • Self-leveling surface layer: Mainly used for wear-resistant surface layer materials. The surface layer self-leveling can be modulated into various colored self-leveling mortars according to the designer's preference with various decorative effects.

Epoxy self-leveling

Epoxy self-leveling mainly uses epoxy resin as the main material, which is mixed and processed by curing agent, diluent, solvent, dispersant, defoamer and some fillers.

Epoxy self-leveling includes two parts: concrete base layer and epoxy self-leveling floor coating.

  • Epoxy self-leveling floor coating: Including base coating, middle coating, putty layer and top coating.
  • Concrete base layer: Use concrete with a strength grade of not less than C25 to be poured in one time. When the floor has pressure and impact resistance requirements, the concrete base layer can be treated with two-way steel mesh.

After pour a self-leveling on the concrete floor, then start to polish the overlay with diamond tooling of different grits, such as diamond flexible polishing pads, hybrid transitional diamond tools, diamond impregnated burnishing pads, etc. TransGrind specialized in supplying a variety of suitable tooling for every steps of your project. And we are happy to provide quality services and technical support to help you conduct your job.

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