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How to deal with the scratches on the floor?

How to deal with the scratches on the floor?
Aug 05 , 2021

There will be some scratches due to man-made and natural factors after the floor has been used for a long time. And these scratches will mainly affect the overall decorative effect. Under normal circumstances, the method of judging scratches is visual inspection. According to optical principles, if the scratches are white, it is easy to see on dark floor but light-colored floors such as white are not easy to be found. So what should we do if we find scratches on the floor?

Methods to deal with floor scratches

Before dealing with the scratches, we should first judge the depth of the scratches, and then choose the appropriate treatment method according to the depth of the floor scratches. The methods are as follows:

1. Deal with lighter scratches

If the scratches are shallow, we can use diamond polishing pads with large grit like 1500# or 3000# to remove the scratches. We can also use polishing powder to polishing the scratches. The filling and polishing of polishing powder can significantly reduce scratches and increase the brightness of the surface to achieve a good repair effect.

2. Deal with deeper scratches

If the scratches are very deep, they need to be processed from coarse grinding to fine grinding. Partial deep scratches can be removed by partial grinding. According to the color and reflective characteristics of the original floor, epoxy resin glue or unsaturated resin glue is used, and then repaired after toning. Then use a grinding machine, refurbished discs and diamond polishing pads with different grits for polishing step bu step until the scratches are repaired.

In addition, when repairing scratches, it should be noted that cleaning the floor at any time during grinding or polishing, keep the construction site tidy, and use uniform grinding discs or polishing pads to prevent scratches. When dealing with the floor scratches, TransGrind can provide suitable tooling like concrete hybrid polishing pads, diamond floor polishing pucks, ceramic transitional grinding tools to help you complete the work more efficient and easier. You can also learn more related product information from our website.

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