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How to Grind the Concrete Properly?

How to Grind the Concrete Properly?
Dec 09 , 2021

Successful concrete grinding for a beautifully polished finish requires preparation. If you're planning on taking on a grinding project, The followings are a few tips to get you through the process from start to finish.

The first thing to consider is the floor's condition. Large cracks, holes and joints will need to be repaired with filler. Also be careful for hard bolts or metal objects embedded in the floor, if fail to remove these can cause serious damage to your grinding machines and other removal tools. Once the floor has been prepared, it's time to get ready to grind it.

Your next step is to identify the floor surface you're dealing with, so you can choose the correct bond hardness for your diamond tooling. If the surface is soft and porous, use a medium to hard bond. Conversely, if the surface is hard and troweled, use a soft bond. If you're not sure what the floor's condition is like, choose a medium bond diamond tooling, as you can change the bond later, if necessary.

Once you start grinding, you need to pay attention to some signs so that you know when to stop and readjust your approach. If you're finding the grinding slow, try using different grinder speeds and weights, or using a softer bond or higher grit diamond tooling. If this fails, you can also try wet grinding, or even using sand or concrete dust. If your diamond disc is wearing out too quickly, use a hard bond diamond tooling or increase the number of segments being used. You can also try reducing the weight or increase grinder speed and forward movement. For a finishing glazed effect, always use a softer bond diamond tooling or increased grinding pressure and speed.

The above tips should be more than enough to ensure that your concrete grinding work goes smoothly. TransGrind is a professional manufacturer of  diamond tooling for concrete surface preparation, concrete floor restoration and maintenance, so we can provide you concrete diamond grinding plugs, concrete diamond grinding discs and concrete diamond grinding heads you need for your grinding work. We also offer technical support on concrete grinding for you to explore more.

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