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The Overview of Bush Hammer

The Overview of Bush Hammer
Dec 16 , 2021

What is a bush hammered finish?

A bush hammered finish is achieved through the use of concrete texturing tools to uniformly pit the stone surface. It is also a finish that’s applied to concrete. By repeatably impacting the material’s surface, a rough and weathered texture is created. This can help enhance the natural tonal variations in the material and add more interest to a space.

Beyond aesthetics, a bush hammered finish offers functional purpose. When used on an existing concrete surface, it can help new concrete or another flooring material bond better to the surface. For stone, a bush hammered finish creates a texture that is suitable for almost anywhere indoors or outdoor. It’s a popular finish for flooring in wet environments as the slip resistance rating is greater than other finishes of the same material.

concrete bush hammer

What is a bush hammer?

A bush hammer is a masonry tool that has cone or pyramid-shaped points coming out of a flat or curved surface. The tool can either be manual, like at the end of a hammer or as a tool that fits on a floor grinder.

A bush hammer is often used to remove old glue, thin coatings and most epoxies, offer the aggressive profiling or create a non-slip concrete surface. In fact, using a bush hammer is ideal for achieving a concrete surface profile between a four and five.

Why choose the bush hammer?

In order to make quick work of aggressive surface grinding and texturing, the concrete bush hammer is an excellent option. Primarily used for heavy preparation tasks in order to lay down thick coatings, it’s also ideal for breaking up loose, cracked or damaged concrete. While most grinding tasks and lighter texturing is done with a diamond grinding tools or diamond polishing pads, but the bush hammer rollers do work that diamonds simply can’t do.

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