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How to Polish the Terrazzo Floor?

How to Polish the Terrazzo Floor?
Jul 22 , 2021

Terrazzo is used to make floors or countertops. It is low in price and relatively clean, so it has been loved by many consumers. Although the floor of terrazzo is more clean, regular polishing is an indispensable process, which can make the terrazzo we use look cleaner and improve the surface finish of the terrazzo.

If the floor is uneven, you can first use a refurbished grinding machine with diamond grinding discs or grinding heads for grinding. After the surface smoothing, use 50#, 100#, 200# grit wet floor polishing pads with water in turn. (If the floor is flat, you can directly polish it with diamond polishing pads.) After the floor is sanded, you can use a water suction machine to suck up the water on the surface of terrazzo floor.

After the floor is dry, sprinkle cement curing agent on the floor and keep the floor moist for at least 4 hours. After the cement curing agent dries (the longer the drying time, the better.) Then turn to the fine grinding of the floor. Continue to use wet polishing pads but with high grit which is 800#, 1500#, 3000# with water to finish the fine grinding process. After the floor is ground, the water can be absorbed dry with a water suction machine.

Still wait until the floor is dry, then you can use a diamond impregnated burnishing pads with terrazzo penetrant to make the final polishing till the terrazzo floor has a high gloss finish. TransGrind 3 steps power trowel floor polishing pads with impregnated diamond are suitable for cleaning, maintaining and restoring the shine on terrazzo floor. The floor burnishing pads can keep the floor with natural gloss and shine without the use of chemical.

Floor Burnishing Pads

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