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Choosing Suitable Diamond Grit For Diamond Tools
Apr 28 , 2021

The diamond grit is not the only factor to influence the processing quality and efficiency. General speaking, diamond tools with coarse diamond grit have high processing efficiency, but will also lead to high processing roughness. The roughness of the workpiece's surface is is affected by diamond grit, volume of grinding, especially the grinding depth, operation skills and the performance of the grinding machine.

Different bonds of diamond tools have different hold capacities to the diamonds. For a certain bond, there is a grit range. Normally, the grit range for metal bond is 6-200, ceramic bond is 30-400, and resin bond is 50-3000.

If the workpiece is of high hardness, coarser grit diamonds should be chosen to reduce the heat generated in the grinding process and to improve the cooling conditions. If the workpiece is thin, coarser grit should be chosen, for thin workpieces are subject to being deformed by the heat. If the workpiece has good scalability, coarser grit can prevent or reduce the blocks on the tool's surface.

There is a contact area between the diamond tool and the workpiece. When the contact area is broad, a coarser grit should be chosen to reduce friction and heat. The use volume of the tool and operation conditions should also be taken into account.

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