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Some Basic Knowledge of PCD
Apr 26 , 2021

PCD Removal Tooling

The appearance of PCD has replaced natural single crystal which called diamond in many aspects. Compared with natural diamond, PCD is cheaper, and sharpening is far more convenient than natural diamond, so its application and promotion are particularly rapid. Most of the new materials that have emerged are difficult-to-process materials, such as high-silicon aluminum alloys, which are widely used in automobile engine pistons. Generally, for aluminum alloys with a silicon content of less than 10%, cemented carbide cutting tools are sufficient, but with a silicon content of more than 10%, PCD can be used. The currently used high-silicon aluminum alloys have silicon content above 12%, and some have reached more than 18%, so the choice must be PCD.

Due to the many types of PCD, a reasonable choice is necessary. Its particle size, concentration and others will affect the hardness, wear resistance and other properties. Therefore, the application of PCD should be based on the type and hardness of the material being processed and other characteristics. Because of its good wear resistance, it is even better than natural diamond when processed into a abrasive tool to some extent.

The production of PCD at home and abroad has been very popular, but the quality is quite different, so the price varies greatly. TransGrind offer a wide range of PCD removal tools and PCD grinding wheels with professional quality and competitive price to support you go thought you job effectively.

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